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SSRP Rules

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  • Server Rules

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    Sunset Roleplay Faction and Mission Rules

    3.0 Faction Expectations
    Faction Leaders are required to uphold their faction values and stick to their roleplay character by ensuring they use the right vehicles and skins for their daily roleplay activities ( excluding turf skin ).
    Factions Leaders are required to roleplay their invitations / removals of faction members by proper means.
    Factions are expected to keep their punishment history clean, both as individual members as well as faction as a whole.
    Factions are expected to be held responsible for their actions towards other factions. i.e kidnapping a rival faction leader may result in declaration of faction war against your group which you may not be able to refuse unless you meet their demands.
    Information obtained by spies are only applicable if the spy had reached a high rank.

    3.1 Turf Rules
    Factions can only receive aid from faction members, allies (present in /alliances )and unofficial faction allies. Outsiders shall not be allowed in any case. Law Enforcement Factions are disallowed from engaging inside an active turf, if a suspect goes inside an active turf, they are to wait outside for the turf to finish (can be measured by when the blinking stops on the map), and then, once the turf is finished, they can move in.

    3.1.1 Dominance Turfs
    All turfs listed in the main turfs section of /turfs (not quick turfs) are dominance-based turfs. This means that the turf depends on your ability to hold the turf for longer and with greater strength than the opposition rather than being solely time-bound.
    Therefore, the rules are slightly different, meaning members are allowed to return to the turf after death - fights can continue until after the turf has ended. As for the Law Enforcement involvement, they have the same restrictions as stated in Rule 3.1.

    3.2 Arms Trafficking Mission
    Factions may only fight once the arms trafficking mission has started. Factions may fight either while the ship is moving or once it has reached the end. Factions may not fight at the docks while the ship hasn’t arrived yet, the ship must arrive at the end before you can initiate fights there. Law Enforcement Factions are allowed to interfere as long as they have IC information.

    3.3 El Cayo Del Diablo Island

    Players may only fight once the island event has started. The island is purely Kill On Sight zone which does not require any sort of roleplay interaction. Players may only fight ON the island, you may not shoot each other when they have not stepped on the island yet. Players fleeing from island may be fired upon while they are attempting to flee with plane or boat, however once they have exited the red circle premises all shootings must be stopped. The Law Enforcement are not allowed to enter the Island (unless they are participating in the event). Revenge Killing ( RK ) is allowed, players can go back to the Island after death.

    3.4 Bandana Rules
    Bandana is a feature for certain criminal factions, which have access to the command /bandana. It is regulated by the following set of rules.

    You can KOS anyone wearing a bandana as long as it doesn’t break other rules - ie. copbaiting, safezones Do not KOS anyone not wearing a bandana unless they choose to engage You cannot toggle your bandana off near enemy gangs / mid situation to avoid being shot. These attacks are classed as gang attacks as bandana is for gangs only - meaning mafias cannot engage.
  • Discord & Forum Rules

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