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    Sunset Roleplay Faction and Mission Rules

    3.0 Faction Expectations
    Faction Leaders are required to uphold their faction values and stick to their roleplay character by ensuring they use the right vehicles and skins for their daily roleplay activities ( excluding turf skin ).
    Factions Leaders are required to roleplay their invitations / removals of faction members by proper means.
    Factions are expected to keep their punishment history clean, both as individual members as well as faction as a whole.
    Factions are expected to be held responsible for their actions towards other factions. i.e kidnapping a rival faction leader may result in declaration of faction war against your group which you may not be able to refuse unless you meet their demands.
    Information obtained by spies are only applicable if the spy had reached a high rank.

    3.1 Turf Rules
    Factions can only receive aid from faction members, allies (present in /alliances )and unofficial faction allies. Outsiders shall not be allowed in any case. Law Enforcement Factions are disallowed from engaging inside an active turf, if a suspect goes inside an active turf, they are to wait outside for the turf to finish (can be measured by when the blinking stops on the map), and then, once the turf is finished, they can move in.

    3.1.1 Dominance Turfs
    All turfs listed in the main turfs section of /turfs (not quick turfs) are dominance-based turfs. This means that the turf depends on your ability to hold the turf for longer and with greater strength than the opposition rather than being solely time-bound.
    Therefore, the rules are slightly different, meaning members are allowed to return to the turf after death - fights can continue until after the turf has ended. As for the Law Enforcement involvement, they have the same restrictions as stated in Rule 3.1.

    3.2 Arms Trafficking Mission
    Factions may only fight once the arms trafficking mission has started. Factions may fight either while the ship is moving or once it has reached the end. Factions may not fight at the docks while the ship hasn’t arrived yet, the ship must arrive at the end before you can initiate fights there. Law Enforcement Factions are allowed to interfere as long as they have IC information.

    3.3 El Cayo Del Diablo Island

    Players may only fight once the island event has started. The island is purely Kill On Sight zone which does not require any sort of roleplay interaction. Players may only fight ON the island, you may not shoot each other when they have not stepped on the island yet. Players fleeing from island may be fired upon while they are attempting to flee with plane or boat, however once they have exited the red circle premises all shootings must be stopped. The Law Enforcement are not allowed to enter the Island (unless they are participating in the event). Revenge Killing ( RK ) is allowed, players can go back to the Island after death.

    3.4 Bandana Rules
    Bandana is a feature for certain criminal factions, which have access to the command /bandana. It is regulated by the following set of rules.

    You can KOS anyone wearing a bandana as long as it doesn’t break other rules - ie. copbaiting, safezones Do not KOS anyone not wearing a bandana unless they choose to engage You cannot toggle your bandana off near enemy gangs / mid situation to avoid being shot. These attacks are classed as gang attacks as bandana is for gangs only - meaning mafias cannot engage.
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    This changelog details nearly every change that we can remember in this update (we may have missed a few, which you can discover…). It does not go into much detail, and so you should view the video below and any other relevant posts for feature-specific information such as the faction update and missions.

    Changelog Video
    [Changelog Video

    This update is not really themed on anything and is just a catch-up of everything that has been missing. The next few updates (which have already been started in the past few weeks for later release) will be themed around something specific.

    Notable changes

    Added turf bot integration (will now alert turfs for tier 4+ factions) Added status message to mobile players who are drive-bying (as it is not always visible) Added prevention from entering crew HQ while suspected Added /tape restriction to local chats Amended streetsweeper job economy to balance Added auto inactivity deletion for crews (leader inactive for over 3 days) Added ability for players with property key to use property gates Added faction colour for illegal & PD faction leaders Added police radar flash Added global chat tag for all factions [faction update] Added freight trafficking mission Added shadowdrop mission Added billiards minigame, addable by admins Added property entry freeze when spawning at a property after death Added a new login menu - new cinematics, new music Added new pool leaderboard to /leaderboard Changed the EMS request for help map icon to be distinctive Added item help info text Added IP ban and normal ban (to avoid people unnecessarily caught in IP bans) Added special golden spins as a reward for 7 day objective streak Removed the automatic playtime spin - now given for completing daily objective Daily objective rewards have been modified and balanced (some are now only in golden spin) Revamped the /bandana usage restrictions Added new dealers at different locations with different drugs / restrictions Added arms trafficking requirement for a faction to initiate at Bayside Added /lock on garages Renamed “oil” to “engine oil” for clarity Added new military zone mapping (4x) Changed the chat colours to fit a different scheme Removed /paintballskin and put under /paintball skin (single command) Added /relog command to automatically reconnect to the server Added Las Venturas turfs - functionality and in /turfs Added damage immunity to new players Removed entrance fees for new players Added payphones around the map Removed faction level upgrades in favour of faction tiers [faction update] Added hourly faction profit for number of online members Adjusted train mission to only allow trains to load passengers when stationary Revamp the property icons to be much more simple and reduce MG Added new property textdraws to complement the revamped property icons Added many new animations Added /coin flip which will return heads or tails Added ability to ring the front desk of LSPD Added vehicle blinkers (look left / look right - Q and E keys) Remove mushrooms spawning in countryside (for now) Added heroin drug - mapping and production Added opium plants around Whetstone and Flint County Added daily objectives Added /f - faction chat (OOC) Added /q to avoid roleplay - will auto admin jail & seize all illegal items Added /to roleplay command to direct a roleplay line to a player Added /call 911 list of reasons Removed random damage events in aircraft (engine failure) Added online member counts to /alliances Added /treat for EMS Added faction statistics to /leaderboard Added additional help info message to /hotwire Added /propertyinfo for players Removed the LS-LV broken bridge mapping and replaced it with tolls Hourly business profit rewards has been rebalanced Added /furniture system for interior & exterior yard furnishings Rebalanced the weather system to stop it raining constantly Reworked vehicle commands to use a new distance calculation Added spraycans to toolstores Added F to stop animations Added ability for donators to change their phone number

    Some bug fixes…

    Fixed train passengers being able to board incorrectly Fixed train losing fuel Fixed donor redeem message being too long Fixed support tickets sometimes displaying wrong handler name Fixed business crates for trucking businesses Fixed weapon ban not working for the entire duration Fixed vehicle tow & repair price inconsistencies Fixed max crate capacity and action line appearing despite being mutually exclusive Fixed /pawn shop issues Fixed weed not being able to be burnt Fixed /barrier edit for SAFD - permission issue Fixed /v transfer and dealership limits not working properly Fixed longer callsigns cutting off Fixed /grabmask working while not wounded / hands-up Fixed vehicles ejecting while AFK Fixed the negative first-aid kit issue Fixed key holders not being able to manage property storage Fixed /getout in garage putting you in the wrong world Fixed /r(adio)low not displaying a low indication Fixed /robstore working in non-businesses for mobile players Fixed train loading passengers being too instant Fixed /dep for government employees Fixed turf AFK issues Fixed disappearing progress bars in multiple parts of the server Fixed exploit to purchase property with very little hours monthly Fixed smuggle plane often despawning by itself Fixed arms trafficking mission not working after timeout Fixed vehicles not being repaired by choice, but being repaired anyways Fixed vehicles not loading with correct colours Fixed island event breaking the weed timer (0% progress) Fixed reputation and points being mixed up (often going negative) Fixed /removetune saying that there is no component in the slot when there is Fixed warehouse property info label not updating Fixed issues with C4 ATM planting Fixed faction walkie-talkie permissions being broken Fixed faction snipers dialog issue Fixed Y error message spam from smuggle when storing a crate Fixed /wtpanic icons appearing on map randomly Fixed red nametag issues - appearing for players unintentionally Fixed an issue where bodies would often spawn at random places (usually Blueberry) Fixed LSCH front desk being in the wrong location Fixed a typo in the taser usage text Fixed being able to use tasers in cars / while entering Fixed /v faction issues
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    alt text


    Cocaine can be produced at one of the cocaine labs which are set around the map. Cocaine labs are accessed by factions who control the related turf to it or have successfully completed Arms Trafficking Mission.
    Turf provides access key to one cocaine lab while Arms Trafficking Mission provides access to two cocaine labs.

    For producing cocaine at the lab, you require these items:

    Coca leaves (Can be obtained from harvesting planted coca seeds) Gasoline (Can be purchased from a tool store) Levamisole (Can be purchased from a dealer) Coca seeds (Can be purchased from a dealer)

    /cocaine [produce | add | collect | harvest | plant | water]
    /buy (at toolstore)
    /dealer (near a dealer)
    /nearest > Businesses > tool store

    Weed Production of Weed (Weed Business):

    You’re able to produce weed in a suitable growing environment inside of a property, which may be marked as a business. You can purchase their properties from players. You must have weed seeds (to be purchased from the dealer) to plant weed and there’s a limited amount of space for them to grow. Since there is less risk and more safety, the grams you get per harvest are lesser than the weed fields in outside environment.

    Production of Weed (Outside Environment):

    You can plant weed seeds across almost the entire map, which has a suitable environment enough and contains enough greenery for the weed plants to thrive. Police Officers will need to spend way more time looking for such fields, as we won’t be limited to just a few fields in the entire map. There is greater risk in this and you may be awarded more grams per each harvest of weed plant.

    The process of growing weed is same both in outside environment and weed businesses. Once you have planted a weed seed, you will have to wait for 1.5 hour (1 hour and 30 minutes) for it to be ready to be watered. After you have watered a plant, you will have to wait another 1.5 (1 hour and 30 minutes) hour for it to be ready for harvest

    /dealer - (to purchase seeds from the dealer)
    /purchase - (to purchase a weed business)
    /weed (plant, water, harvest, ripout)
    /craft joint - (PERK)

    Meth Production of Methamphetamine:

    Meth can be produced inside a journey van (make sure its in rural areas/countryside), once you start producing you’ll see smoke coming out of the journey van, so be careful.

    For producing meth you require these items:

    Red Phosphorus (Can be purchased from a dealer) Acetone (Can be purchased from a dealer) Lithium (Can be purchased from a dealer) Journey van (which you can purchase from players via /ad, or from dealership)

    With the right ingredients from the dealer, you’ll be able to cook meth right inside of the van (using /getin, you can enter a journey van through its back, and use “/getout” to get off). The process involves you have the required ingredients, and complete certain tasks (you’ll be instructed about each step once you start producing). How you do these tasks will ultimately affect the quantity of your production outcome.

    /getin OR /getout
    /meth [produce | cancel]
    /dealer - (to purchase required ingredients from a dealer)
    /craft meth syringe - (PERK)

    Heroin Production of Heroin:

    Heroin can be produced inside heroin shacks which are randomly found are the map in rural areas/countryside

    To start producing heroin, you need these items:

    Opium (Red flowers objects, that can be found around countryside areas, especially green grounds) Acetone (Can be purchased from a dealer) Lithium (Can be purchased from a dealer)

    /heroin [produce | add | cancel | empty | collect]
    /dealer - (to purchase required ingredients from a dealer)
    /craft heroin syringe - (PERK)

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